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Relationship Saving Toilet Seat Banishes Smelly British Bathrooms Forever

Fresh Air Plus
03. 09. 2014
Odour-busting Fresh Air Plus puts an end to Brits' bathroom walk of shame London, 3rd September 2014: A new toilet seat that sucks nasty smells straight out of the toilet bowl has launched today through a global crowd funding site. Fresh Air Plus has been designed to make British bathrooms odour free and remove embarrassment sometimes associated with a trip to the loo.Fresh Air Plus uses sensor and fan technology to quickly and discreetly remove unsavoury smells from the bathroom, taking with it the cause of embarrassment and source of arguments for many couples and friends across the UK.The technology behind Fresh Air Plus works a soon as the user sits down, when a sensor switches on a fan inside the toilet bowl.The fan filters the nasty smells sometimes associated with a trip the toilet to the outside world, through a hose that's connected to the traditional ventilation points in the bathroom.The fan ensures that odours do not escape into the room by containing and eliminating them immediately, leaving the user free to leave the bathroom without embarrassment or the risk of offending the noses of friends or family.Creator Adam Payz has introduced Fresh Air Plus to Kickstarter in hopes of generating enough money in pre-orders to cover the initial round of production for his business.Speaking at the launch of Fresh Air Plus, Adam Payz said: “To me, it's a no-brainer that we should have something better for dealing with bathroom odours.“We're living in a society where technology does amazing things, yet we're still using archaic methods like air fresheners when it comes to masking nasty bathroom smells. We believe that Fresh Air Plus is a more efficient way to take care of embarrassing bathroom odours.”Installing the Fresh Air Plus is simple for anyone with basic DIY knowledge, but in certain cases a handyman may be necessary. The classic toilet seat is removed and the Fresh Air Plus is put in place. Then, a small hole must be bored in the wall so that the hose can be passed through and the odours filtered outside. Lastly, the cord must be plugged into a nearby outlet, and the Fresh Air Plus is ready to use.The Kickstarter campaign for Fresh Air Plus has just launched, and the product is now available for pre-order. For the first 100 backers, the Fresh Air Plus can be purchased for around £110.After the early bird special expires, the standard cost is around £120. Multipacks for those interested in adding the seats to two or three bathroom homes are available for between £220 and £365. To pre-order Fresh Air Plus, visit the Kickstarter page.EndsABOUT FRESH AIR PLUSFresh Air Plus was created in 2014 with a mission: to change the way people feel about using the toilet. Adam Payz, creator of Fresh Air Plus, is dedicated to the idea of innovation in the everyday world. He saw a problem, people's embarrassment about bathroom odours, and set out to create a simple and effective solution. Payz and his team are excited to launch their Kickstarter campaign and look forward to easing the world's bathroom anxieties. For more information, visit

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