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Retro Returns

15. 02. 2017
With the news that Nokia could be rereleasing its infamous 3310 phone we thought it our social duty to have a look at some of the retro items we think should make a come back. They might not be waterproof, the batteries might not last another 20 years and they more than likely don't feature Snake2 in the games section, but we love them all the same.John - Record shops I know, I know - the likes of HMV still exist, but they're not really record shops in the purest sense. I think young music fans today have been robbed of a life-building experience with the disappearance of record shops from our high streets. Some of the happiest days of my life were spent queueing up for a new Oasis album or spending an hour flicking through rows and rows of CDs, looking for something new. You'd chat to people you'd never ordinarily meet and share experiences with strangers. A bit like the internet in real life, I suppose.Susan - Motorola RazrMy favourite phone was the pink Motorola Razr, I got it when my so-called indestructible Nokia 3310 eventually gave up and died, so I thought it was incredibly sleek and high tech in comparison. I'd hang little phone charms that corresponded with my mood or outfit and flip it up and down dramatically before and after all my important calls.Anna - Sweet Valley HighThis was the highlight of my Saturday morning television viewing - I just can't fathom why it didn't run for years like Friends or Seinfeld. An absolute 90s classic that needs to make a comeback.Claire - TV classicsTV shows in the 90s were just so much better than today's. I would love to see a return of Are You Afraid Of The Dark?, Clarissa Explains It All and Fraggle Rock!Also, all the intense nostalgia feels for my epic Polly Pocket collection ...bring them back!Dani - Flip phonesI'd like the Motorola V300 flip phone to make a come back. I lovingly owned this model circa 2004-2006 and I miss the satisfying physical feeling of hanging up on someone in rage. The anxiousness of whether I've pressed in the correct button when hanging up nowadays or butt dialling someone is too much to bare.Grainne - Breakfast funMy retro comeback wish is to see toys in cereals again. Most of my childhood memories relate back to the toys I claimed from my weekend bowl of Weetos. Those colourful spoke beads for my bike wheel had me rollin' like 'Haterz gonna hate' and I had the best Pog collection FOR. MILES.Daniel - GYOBThere was gunge, flashing lights, foam obstacles and Dave Benson Philips. Nothing says “you're home from school” like Get Your Own Back. It was like the kid's version of Total Wipeout with the added twist of getting to propel a teacher, faith leader, sports coach or any superior of debatable authority into the gunge. Undoubtedly the caviar of game shows.

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