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Ringing In The Coverage

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16. 09. 2017

This month, we worked on an amazing story that has secured more than 250 pieces of coverage across UK national print, broadcast and online media as well as regional media titles that cover the four corners of the country. What's the story?

We've worked with the brilliant folks at Amazon UK for several years now, across many different parts of the business from Operations, Corporate, CSR, Prime Now, Kindle Direct Publishing, Marketplace and much more.

We heard the story of Tatiana and Stuart, an engaged couple who work at Amazon's fulfilment centre in Gourock, near Glasgow. Tatiana experienced every bride-to-be's worst nightmare when, one day at work, she realised she'd lost her engagement ring.

Unbeknown to her, Tatiana had unwittingly and accidentally packed her engagement ring into a box of books that was shipped to an Amazon customer more than 200 miles away in Manchester. After fruitless searches failed to find the ring, Tatiana and Stuart had given up any hope of finding it until the customer got in touch with Amazon.

A week later, Tatiana was reunited with her ring thanks to the kindness of the customer. The Amazon team at Clearbox followed the story the whole way to the end and then told the press about it.

What followed was an incredible avalanche of press coverage. The Amazon story has so far been featured in more than 250 titles including BBC Radio 4, BBC, The Sun, The Daily Mail, Sky News, The Daily Telegraph, BBC Radio 2, virtually every regional news website in the country and more than 20 regional BBC radio stations. Oh, and it was all achieved through careful planning with our good friends at The Greenock Telegraph and Press Association.

Every single piece of coverage was positive, beautifully branded and showcased the great relationship between Amazon and its customers.

More importantly than any of that, it's a feel-good story that reunited a lovely lady with her most prized possession through the kindness of an Amazon customer.

A jolly good story all round and something incredible to be a part of.

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