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Roses are red

13. 02. 2020

We love a Valentine’s themed PR campaign, we love it not…

Roses are red

Violets are blue

Are Valentine’s PR campaigns becoming a taboo?

Charlotte looks into the allure of a heartfelt Valentine's PR stunt.


Love is in the air, and so is the undeniable urge for brands to get in the spirit of luurrrvvee and pull off a Valentine’s Day themed PR stunt. So, are they still a good way for brands to stay relevant and reactive, or is just a cringe bandwagon exercise?

When done right, a Valentine’s themed PR campaign can work. However, it’s important that they are well thought out and relevant to your brand. Otherwise, it will miss the mark and get lost in the sea of all things pink, heart-shaped and terrible Moonpig puns… Take note!

Already in 2020, we’ve seen some brands coming out of the woodwork to spread the love:

Pip & Nut

This year, Pip & Nut is hosting a three day LoveLab pop up in London, where members of the public can attend workshops to create their own personalised nut butters - a perfect, quirky Valentine’s gift. The pop up will also include a poetry wall and post box for sending love notes… Awwwww!

Allowing people to use Pip & Nut products in a way that feels personal to them helps to build brand loyalty, as well as giving attendees something tangible and memorable to take away from the experience.

Kraken Rum

Another brand that continues to nail the Valentine’s vibe is Kraken Rum. This month, the punk rum brand teamed up with poet, John Cooper Clarke to host a Valentine’s poetry competition, Kraken #RUMantics. The competition encourages fans to compose their own poems exploring the “darker side of love”, with the chance to win a limited-edition bottle of Kraken Blaken - encased in special dark bottles that are produced using a black paint which absorbs 99% of all light.

An edgy Valentine’s campaign AND a punny hashtag? We’re swiping right on this one…


Cineworld has gone for the classic romance factor this Valentine’s Day, hosting special screenings of ‘Ghost’ with a free pottery class before the movie starts, so that couples can recreate that scene between Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore.

Straight forward, nostalgic and a bit of fun. We’re about it. Now sing it with us: “Ohhhhhhh, myyyyy llloooovvveee, my darling!”

Although Valentine’s Day PR stunts can feel overdone at first, it is still possible to create that spark with consumers! All it takes is a team that understands, and can make it relevant to, the overall brand message, and a clean, well thought out execution. Don’t just bring out the kissing emojis, or those scratch and sniff Valentine’s cards (shout out to KFC…), just for the sake of it. Put some heart in to it!

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