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Smells like team spirit

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13. 08. 2018

Smells Like Team Spirit.

The perfect marriage of a Nirvana anthem Clearbox’s company culture. We’re asked a lot about what it actually means, so we thought we’d explain all, in a Johnny Ball kinda’ way. Or Clarissa, depending when and where you watched TV as a kid.

Company culture is something that’s really important to us. It defines us and it’s what our entire existence is based on, so it’s a big deal.

What’s it all about? Let us explain.

Smells Like Team Spirit is built on our belief that happy people create good work. It’s not rocket science, and neither is our approach to making it work. It’s split into three core areas.

1) Create it.

We want to make our agency the best place to work for diverse, curious, creative and passionate people. This element of our culture revolves around our basic benefits package - you know - the tangible stuff. This includes:

Six work from anywhere days per year, for those times when you’re getting a new washing machine delivered or you’ve been up all night watching the latest series of Queer Eye and you just need a day to work from the sofa.

We also offer our team the opportunity to win extra holidays in fun (and sometimes random AF) competitions, we give everyone a few hundred quid each to organise team fun events throughout the year and, if you’re brave, you can pick the music in the office. Just don’t venture outside 90s Britpop or Guns & Roses and you’ll be just fine.

2) Develop it.

We want to inspire our talent and offer everyone the opportunity to help navigate the direction of the business.

This is where is starts to get interesting. At Clearbox, everyone has:

A structured career path with loads of training, both internal and external. There are regular performance reviews and the team benefits from our mentor programme through monthly rhythm meetings.

We also offer the chance to attend CIPR, PRCA and PRII training courses and meet the media events, if that’s your thing.

The freedom to be creative, take the lead, show initiative and make stuff happen.

Ninja targets. In January 2018, we kicked off the year by each setting ourselves a ninja challenge. Each team member chose one thing they wanted to ace by the end of the year. To work towards these, we developed individual Ninja progress charts and have monthly rhythm meetings with directors to set objectives for the month ahead, working towards year end goal.

Clearbox Bites. In January 2018, we launched Clearbox Bites - a learning lunch (fuelled by pizza) hosted by either a team member of an industry expert.

Oh, and this is probably the best bit - four fully paid inspiration days. These are spent wherever the team finds inspiration. Climb a mountain, jump in a lake, ride a horse, drive the coast, explore a museum. Whatever floats your boat. There’s only one rule - no technology. Sounds good, right?

3) Support it.

We support our team in helping causes that are close to their hearts. Or indeed the people close to their hearts.

Parents at Clearbox can avail of 40 hours of time off, fully paid, to attend sports day, parent/teacher meetings, medical appointments and more. We think the idea of a mum or dad having to take a half day of leave for a meeting at the school or to attend sports day is a tad ridiculous. I’m sure you’ll agree, parents.

If you’re not a parent or you’re into charity work, you can take five volunteer days per year.

Again, these are fully paid. This is a time when the team can help a cause close to their hearts. There’s no criteria - help what makes you happy. In the last few years, we’ve helped charities like TinyLife, supported the good people at Abbeyfield House, helped run the Antrim Show and worked with organisations like Young Enterprise NI.

Doing good feels good, honestly!

There’s also Namaste Wednesdays, a 1-hour yoga session in the office during working hours.

Finally, but most importantly of all, we have a CBT partnership with a local therapist. Each member of the team has a confidential booking system where they can avail of 8 hours of face-to-face or Skype CBT sessions per annum. More hours can be provided if advised by therapist.

We told you it was simple, and it is - that’s really it. Lump in the other benefits we offer as standard, including 20 days of holiday, 11 bank holidays, paid birthday off and a company phone and it’s a pretty sweet deal.

Happy people create good work. We have a lot of happy people here, and we think we create good work.

If that’s a company culture you can get on board with, send us your CV. We’re always looking for decent people.

To find out what our services could do for your brand, get in touch.

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