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Soundtracks Of Our Lives

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26. 09. 2017
Next up in the 'soundtracks of our lives' series we find out what album our Junior Account Executive, Charlotte Goss, has declared as one of her all time favourites. Take it away, Charlotte...One of my favourite albums of all time is Hell Freezes Over by the Eagles. It was released in 1994 (the year I was born) and I quite literally grew up listening to it.Hell Freezes Over is a live album with performances of the Eagles' most iconic songs, including an acoustic version of Hotel California, mixed in with some, at the time, new songs. I always loved the story behind this album - it was released by the newly reformed Eagles after a 14-year-long break up, and the title “Hell Freezes Over” came about from an old Don Henley quote where he had said the Eagles would reunite and play together again “when hell freezes over”.I was originally introduced to this album by my mum who played it constantly during my childhood, so my siblings and I subliminally learned all of the lyrics over the years! I essentially acquired my music taste by osmosis. She even had it on last night when I went home. Can't stop, won't stop!The Hell Freezes Over album, along with a host of Fleetwood Mac and Sting songs, reminds me of Saturday lunch times eating cheese and crackers, and long car journeys to Donegal during the summer. It has a sense of familiarity and comfort for me, especially the songs 'Love Will Keep Us Alive', 'New York Minute' and 'Desperado' which my mum always had on repeat. My whole family loves the Eagles, so it's important to me in that it's something we all share. We're even known to be partial to an impromptu sing-a-long when a guitar is whipped out… and it's nothing like the von Trapp family, I promise!Hell Freezes Over has guitar solos, it has harmonies and it's just an album of absolute tunes - what's not to love?

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