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Sweet Inspiration

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22. 11. 2018

As part of our 'Smells Like Team Spirit' culture, our team can choose from three lifestyle packages; Inspiration, Volunteering or Parent Pot. Charlotte used one of her inspiration days to rediscover her love for art. Here's how she got on...

Clearboxers work hard. We’re dedicated to the cause, and we won’t rest until we have delivered.

With a fast-paced day to day working on big, bold projects, you risk burning out if you don’t get that work-life balance right, so to have opportunities to press pause and do something to make you happy is very important. That’s where Clearbox Inspiration Days come in.

Inspiration Days are part of the company’s unique, genuine and oh-so-punny team culture, Smells Like Team Spirit. The core belief behind this strategy is that happy people create good work, and with creativity, development and support as the central pillars of the initiative, the team has lots of different ways to keep that work-life balance… balanced.

There’s only one rule with inspiration days: no technology. This was a hard one at first. In the world of PR, the always-on approach is a given these days, so to take time away from emails and social media is a strange feeling.

With Inspiration Days, the Clearbox team has a chance to take a step away from the bustling agency lifestyle and to re-focus our creative thinking doing something we love, however we find inspiration. In my case, this is painting.

From a young age, art has been a creative outlet for me. In school, I was always sketching, doodling and “tattooing” myself, and developed a love for painting during GCSE Art. This led to me taking on commissioned work outside of school, and it became something I loved to do. Once university deadlines and dissertations came around however, followed by a full time job, painting unfortunately fell to the wayside.

Painting, and in particular, portrait painting, requires you to fully focus on the task in front of you. If you’re frivolous or not paying attention, the slightest skew in the angle of someone’s laugh line, or a misplaced shadow can change their whole face. It’s this detail and subtlety that draws me to painting and studying new faces (excuse the pun). On average, I would spend two days on a painting to get it exactly right.

For my inspiration day, I decided to do a small painting of one of my favourite photos of my sisters and me. I wanted to see how much I could do in a day, without stressing myself out about it - it was just for fun! I found it really relaxing to work away, mix my paints, listen to some music and just be quiet for a day, trying to replicate the photo on a canvas - something I hadn’t done in a very long time.

By the end of the day, work felt a million miles away, and I had accomplished something creative and totally different to my usual workday. The end result wasn’t important - it was all about the process and, if nothing else, I felt re-charged.

Bring it on, Christmas 2018!

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