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Sydney Filmmakers Launch Crowd Funding Campaign For New Refugee Movie

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03. 10. 2014
Sydney duo seeks funding to shoot Refugee Council of Australia-backed 'Banana Boy' Two Australian filmmakers have launched an internet-based crowd funding campaign to secure $20,000 to shoot their latest project, Banana Boy. Banana Boy is inspired by the true story of 12-year-old Afghan refugee, Omid Jafary.After surviving a ship wreck that saw members of his family drown, Omid is now one of over 2,000 children stranded in Indonesia, unsure of what the future holds, in a system where children are both witness to and victim of shocking violence, abuse and neglect. The film is backed by the Refugee Council of Australia.It is jammed full of larger than life, sometimes hilarious, Aussie characters that Omid meets along the way. The characters are played by some of Australia's most respected actors including Steve Le Marquand from Beneath Hill 60, Two Hands, Kokoda and TV series Rake and Eddie Baroo, star of Red Hill, Australia, Summer Coda and My Year Without Sex.Director Steve Woodburn and Producer Sam Smith launched the campaign to secure $20,000 through crowd funding site Pozible this month. The fundraising campaign, which is open until October 21st, offers film fans and the wider the public the chance to back the film through a number of financial pledges.The pledges, which start at just $1, offer different levels of rewards to backers, ranging from a copy of the DVD to the chance to become an Associate Producer of the film. As well as securing funds to shoot the film, 10% of the total money raised through our the crowd funding campaign will be donated to aid organisation Mahboba's Promise to assist their critical work in helping refugees.Speaking at the launch of the crowd funding campaign, Banana Boy Producer Sam Smith said: “We see Banana Boy as such an important film because it goes beneath politics and brings a focus back to the humanity of the refugees and the hardships they endure in their quest for resettlement.“We feel it's an important story that needs to be told and we're turning to crowd funding to help fulfil the dream of bringing Banana Boy to life through film. Despite only launching our campaign this week, we've already had pledges of over $3,000 and I'd like to say thank you to everyone who's supported us so far. If you'd like to back the campaign, please go to our Pozible site and make a pledge today.”Director Steve Wodburn added: “Banana Boy is about a common ground that connects us all. Regardless of race, language and religion, underneath it all, we all want happiness, we all want a safe place for our kids to grow up.“For the bulk of the refugees inside these detention centres that is their sole motivator. That is what's driving them to make these dangerous and harrowing journeys. Luckily for Australians, we are rarely forced to put our lives on the line to see our kids grow up safe and happy. For the thousands of refugees fleeing their countries of birth, they are just not that lucky and through Banana Boy, we want to tell that story.”Banana Boy will strike a chord with Australian and World Wide audiences as it is, despite its terrifying and undeniably challenging themes, a film with a huge heart.There are many different ways to support Banana Boy, with donations from just $1 welcomed by the team behind the film. To back the campaign and help Banana Boy make the transition from script to screen, visit the film's website and pledge today.EndsFor more information, contact John Megaughin at Clearbox Communications / 0044 2895622600

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