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The 9-5 tech transformation

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25. 07. 2018

The tech start-up revolution has made its mark on the world by simplifying processes, automating tasks and disrupting industries that for too long avoided innovation. Clearbox’s ultimate technophile, Claire Hamilton, talks about her favourite gadgets, apps and devices. Tech it away, Claire! (Did you like what we did there? Lolz)

Technology hasn’t just impacted the way we live our personal lives but has transformed the workplace. I am a huge advocate of finding simple solutions to complicated issues, especially when it means that I get things completed in record time. We see this every day in the office and continue to embrace new software or apps that wave goodbye to the cumbersome and welcome the easy.

To give you a screenshot of tech innovation in the workplace, here’s a snapshot of the tech resources that help us work smarter by shifting our energy and brain power towards higher skilled work.

Simplification by the working hour


Asana – Nothing shouts organised project management more than Asana. Asana is the holy grail for keeping projects organised and making sure that teams know what needs to get done, who’s responsible and when it’s due. You’ll be living your best organised life!

9:00 am

Slack – Growing up with instant messenger as my go-to means for chat, this is my favourite tool for connecting with colleagues or keeping teams aligned on all the moving pieces of a project. Nothing is worse than coming back to your desk with tons of one liner emails when they could so easily be slacked in a quick message. It is a fun and efficient tool for communicating, plus you can add cheeky gifs or emojis.


Dropbox – This summer, our team was rocking it at events and festivals across the UK and ROI. That also meant time spent outside of the office without access to on-premise servers. Using a cloud-based software like Dropbox to store documents enables us to be on the move and easily access or edit important documents – no matter where we are in the world or what device we are using. It really makes you wonder how people worked before the cloud.


Amazon Prime – We use Amazon Prime on a daily basis. From bits and pieces that we need for the office, last minute engagement celebrations (congratulations Charlotte!) or buying books for World Book Day, Amazon Prime connects you to a whole world of products, bringing the best packages to your door the very next day – or, if you live in a Prime Now city – within one or two hours. Now that’s some serious efficiency!


Twitter, Facebook, Instagram – Social media isn’t just for personal use. It’s a great tool for keeping yourself up-to-date on what is going on locally and around the world. It is also a great tool for recruitment. We recently launched a social campaign for recruiting graduate students and it was a fantastic way to get the word out about the new opportunities and showcase who we are at Clearbox.


Expensify – The last thing anyone wants to do is expenses. It is everyone’s admin nightmare, but Expensify is a perfect example of a solution to the complex. Easy to download and even easier to use, Expensify takes the pain out of expenses and lets you manage the myriad of receipts that mount up after managing a work event or trip.


Skyscanner – Long gone are the days of travel agents. Booking a flight has never been easier or more transparent thanks to resources like Skyscanner. We recently travelled to London for the Drum Marketing Awards and we could compare flight times, prices and airports to find the perfect match for our travel needs.


CamScanner – There isn’t anything sexy about an app that scans and sends your documents, but boy oh boy does it make press clipping and sending documents easy. Send scanned documents anywhere with your phone and use the auto-enhance feature to make sure your PDF looks crystal clear. It is a super-handy app that we use on a daily basis.


Amazon Echo – Alexa feels like part of the Clearbox team. Using the device, we can set reminders, make lists, add calendar updates, get quick answers to questions, play a few tunes, turn on the lights in our meeting rooms, switch on fans and much more. It is a really amazing device and shows us what the future of AI has in store.


Citymapper – This is one of my favourite apps of all time. When travelling to a new city for work trips, Citymapper gives you the perfect route for getting around town on time. Linking to public transportation and traffic alerts, you have the fastest route for getting around major cities at your fingertips. The app will make you feel like a native in no time!

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