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The Clearbox Crystal Ball - Pr In 2016

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18. 12. 2015
As we get ready to see in the New Year, Anna Morris, Managing Director of Belfast PR agency Clearbox Communications reveals what she thinks will be the top PR industry trends in the next 12 months. As the recently crowned PRCA New Consultancy of the Year, the agency knows a thing or two about industry trends and what might be in store for public relations in 2016. Take it away, Anna.2015 was the year that brought us increased visual content, the integration of PR with SEO and the inception of the McWhopper (shot down, Burger King!)As the year draws to a close, here's a shortlist of predictions about what the 2016 holds for the fast-moving and ever-changing world of PR.#1 BrevityAccording to Twitter, everything can be said in 140 characters or less. Does this spell out the end for the press release? In my opinion, yes. Journalists get hundreds of press releases every day so it's becoming more important to stand out and pitch with a punch. 2016 will see an increase in videos, images and succinctness. When targeting media or consumers, aim to make an impact in 5 seconds or less.#2 Journalists and metricsJournalists' priorities are changing. Editors track what stories are driving the most traffic to the website so the pressure is on to create stories that drive engagement and have sharability. What does this mean for the public relations industry? Pitch engaging, interactive content and keep on top of what's trending to grab attention and become part of the conversation.#3 Multi skillsIn 2016, PR professionals who haven't already will need to develop skills across multiple disciplines to deliver effective, cross platform PR campaigns. Clearbox is a small team working on big clients so it's important for us all to be proficient in search engine optimisation, social media, consumer trends and how these will impact our campaigns. CPD is also massive and, in such a fast-paced industry, we should all be committed to on-going learning.#4 It's all about mobile. And video.Mobile video marketing will continue to explode - Facebook video has now overtaken Youtube in unique visitors and 2016 will continue to see Facebook develop its video sharing platform. PR practitioners who have been late to embrace video are about to miss the train altogether as we continue to explore live streaming platforms.So what does it all mean? Keep it short, keep it interactive and keep improving.

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