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’Tis the season to be drawing…

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31. 10. 2019

It’s every Clearboxer’s favourite time of year… INKTOBER!

Once again, the team took up their markers, pens, pencils, eyeliner… (whatever they could find) to draw their interpretation of a given Inktober prompt. The aim of Inktober is to foster some creativity and get the team thinking outside the box, and we’ve now made it an annual Clearbox tradition.

This year, our inspiring prompt was: LEGEND.

So here’s how the guys got on…

  1. Darryl

When I think legends, I think prominent female pop vocalists. We’re talking Mariah, Celine, Whitney, Cher, and the greatest of all time… Christina Aguilera. This outline is from one of Queen Christina’s best (and most) underrated albums, Bionic. Look it up, you’ll love it. Xtina is one of the greats, and this is dedicated to her. PS. This fine piece of art is for sale. DM for enquiries.


2. Vicci

Legend…what a word and there are so many things that are legendary to me, so I went with the first thought that popped into my head ... the Chicken Legend with Cool Mayo!!! I love a wee McD’s as a treat and this Legend is definitely my top pick. I have also added a very detailed doodle of my family as there is nothing better than sharing my Chicken Legend with these wee legends … I’m so hungry now!


3. John

A small Jean Genie snuck off to the city

Strung out on lasers and slash back blazers

And ate all your razors while pulling the waiters

Talkin’ ‘bout Monroe and walking on snow white

New York’s a go go and everything tastes nice

Poor little Greenie




4. Claire Hamilton

Legends of the Hidden Temple was one of my favourite shows as a kid. It was an action-adventure TV show on Nickelodeon centred around a temple that was filled with lost treasures protected by Mayan temple guards. Each team was identified with a color and an animal, indicated on their uniform shirts: the Red Jaguars, Blue Barracudas, Green Monkeys, Orange Iguanas, Purple Parrots, and Silver Snakes. It sounds silly but it was the first thing that popped into my mind when I thought of the word Legend! I absolutely loved watching the show with my siblings and always wanted to be on the show.


5. Rachel

After going veggie a year and a bit ago, these are something I think about and miss everyday. P.S. you couldn’t half tell by this that I did A Level Art!


6. Amy

I was specifically thinking about John Mayer when I drew this guitar because I went to see him so recently, but you could really *insert any legendary guitar player here*.


7. Alex

I’ve decided to go with Barney (the dinosaur) because he taught me a lot about friendship, sharing, cooperation and good manners but most of all he taught me how to love.


8. Kerry

You can’t live in Scotland for four years without the constant reminder of the legend that is Nessy, the Loch Ness Monster. She is a national treasure and fully deserves the legend status.


9. Mollie

For my Inktober, I drew (well, tried to draw) a book of myths and legends because that’s all I could think of when I heard the word legend!


10. Claire Best

The legend of all chocolate bars… MARS!


11. Charlotte

When it comes to legends, I instantly think of music legends - but there are too many to choose from! From Aretha Franklin, to Elton John, to Freddie Mercury, to Bruce Springsteen, to ABBA (I said what I said…) They each have their own legacy, so my Inktober represents them all.


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