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Unlimited holiday

26. 04. 2021

Some news from us

We’ve removed our annual leave policy. From today, everyone on our team will have an unlimited number of holidays to use how they please.

From a day off to take the cat to the vet to a two week break to help prepare for and recover from Glastonbury, we will no longer limit the number of days our team can take off.

We’re by no means the first company to try this, but why are we doing it?


We treat our staff like adults. They know our standards, they know our expectations and they know what they need to deliver to make our clients happy, which is our one and only goal as a team.

We trust our staff to get the job done, so why should we not trust them to manage their own time effectively to deliver the best results for our clients?

If one can deliver the outstanding standard of work we demand here while taking holiday, then who are we to limit that?


In addition to this, we commissioned a survey among our team to ask what we get right, and what we don’t. One of the top scoring questions we asked our team was ‘do you feel trusted by management to work from home?’ and the answer was an overwhelming yes.

One of the lowest scoring questions was in response to the statement ‘I feel I can switch off from work’ which, as anyone working in PR knows, is partly an industry issue, but it’s also something for us to tackle.

So, we have a group of people who feel we trust them to work from home, but they’re struggling to switch off.

That’s how we landed on the unlimited leave idea. The staff research, which will now be done on a quarterly basis so we can track success and understand where we need to do better, gave us the confidence that our team knows we trust them.

We want to continue to build towards an elite environment at Clearbox and we believe changes like this will help us to retain and attract elite performers.

We don’t always get these things right and we’re learning every day, so the unlimited annual leave policy will be tested on a trial basis for the rest of 2021. If our team likes it, we’ll keep it. If it doesn’t work, we’ll look at it.

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