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Wear sunscreen

13. 11. 2020

This week, Alex is top of the pops at Clearbox with the carefully-chosen tracks that make up the soundtrack of her life.

As someone who wants to replace Tess Daly when she leaves Strictly, we'd expect this list to feature at least one song with a ballroom or musical vibe. We'd be shocked if there wasn't some mention of Portadown buried in here too.

Let's dive in...

The song I wish I’d written

This is such a hard question but I think “Romeo and Juliet” by Dire Straits. I always go back to this song as the most beautifully written lyrics. It’s so heartbreaking and romantic and sad and frustrating. Although I will say I prefer The Killers’ version.

The first song I remember hearing

Unfortunately I have a pretty bad memory so I don’t know if I actually remember this or if I remember people telling me about it but I always use this as my earliest memory. When I was five I was at my uncle’s 50th birthday and being so young, couldn’t hack the pace and feel asleep on my Granda’s knee. However, the moment the Friends theme tune came on I jumped up danced my socks off and then went back to my slumber.

The first album I owned

I always hate this question because being born in the mid 90s means by the time I’d any money of my own, buying albums wasn’t really a thing. However, I do remember persuading my mum to buy me “A Girl Like Me” by Emma Bunton so we’ll go with that one.

The first gig I went to

Busted with McFly as their warm up act. The gig was so good that when they returned as a supergroup, I simply had to get a ticket.

The song that reminds me of home

Whenever I moved to Liverpool for university my darling mother was distraught (as you would be) and started to think of ways to pull on my heartstrings and remind me Portadown was the centre of the universe (it absolutely is) so she started to play “The Boys from the Country Armagh” since then I’ve always requested it at Irish pubs and no matter where I am in the world they always seem to have it on file.

The song I can no longer listen to

“Nobody’s Child” Hank Snow, truly the worst song ever written! My parents used to play it to me and my sister and I went mad because it made me so upset, talk about childhood trauma! Even now, if I ever hear it (which thankfully isn’t very much), I get so sad!

The song that changed my life

This is the easiest one to answer: “Wear Sunscreen”, Baz Luhrmann. Whoever said a song can’t be a personality trait was wrong. It is truly the most uplifting and inspiring song ever made and if you haven’t heard it PLEASE go listen to it!

The song I want played at my funeral

I don’t know if this is allowed but I’m going with “Wear Sunscreen” again! Because if people aren’t crying (which they absolutely should be) they will be after that.

The song I listen to before going to work

Has to be “9-5” by the absolute queen Dolly Parton. Pour yourself a cup of ambition and have the best day, give it your all and do ya WORK!

The song I do at karaoke

Any song…literally any song. But I’m going to go with Defying Gravity. A rogue choice you say, well I agree, but I’ve given up the dream of singing it on The West End, so a karaoke bar will have to do. LET ME LIVE!

The song I discovered during lockdown

I’ve been completely obsessed with Ace’s “How Long” since I saw it on the Amazon Prime advert. It’s such a tune!

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