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Welcome, Ella!

23. 03. 2022

A few new faces are joining our team over the coming weeks and months and we’re excited to welcome them all to Clearbox.

Our first of the new arrivals has joined our agency in the last two weeks, and we wanted to introduce her. Everyone, please meet Ella. She’s been a great addition to our team, even if her taste in nightclubs is a bit questionable…

Ella, please meet everyone…

Hi everyone!

I’m Ella and I’m the latest member to join the Clearbox team as an Account Executive!

Originally from Lisburn and with no clue what to do after my A-Levels, I spent four years studying English Literature at Ulster University Coleraine (Kelly’s is overrated and don’t listen to anyone who tells you otherwise,) and ended up finding an interest in anything and everything to do with Marketing and Communication in my final year.

I fell in love with all things adventure and food after living for so long up at the North Coast and can always be found eating, exploring or both! If you haven’t checked out all the coffee spots up there, fit a trip in to your weekend plans, you won’t be disappointed!

If I had to describe myself professionally (first time for everything), I would say I’m a total people-person who loves to get involved in any challenges and try to take anything my stride.

I believe if something’s worth doing, you should put your whole 100% in to it as best you can…and a coffee always helps.

I love to try and be as creative as possible, whether it’s writing, digital designs or just making a quick TikTok. I think it always feels good to create something and share it with others to enjoy!

Aside from work, I’m a big fan of the outdoors (though some days a duvet day is a must) and frequently like to head up the Mourne mountains, go for an early morning swim or just a walk and coffee with my friends.

I’ve recently got a paddle board so have been out trying to master it, though still haven’t stood up without falling to a splash in the ocean, stay tuned…

After working in hospitality for most of my teenage years, I’m a self-confessed foodie who is obsessed with trying cool new restaurants, cafes or anywhere in between and generally this is where I spend all my money (personal reminder to try and save more!)

I’m so thrilled to start my journey with Clearbox and can’t wait to work with all their amazing clients and develop my professional and personal skills throughout my career.

From the blog

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