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31. 03. 2017
Clearbox is an ace place to work, fact! We know we don't need to prove it but as it's Workplace Wellbeing Day – here's a snapshot of why our office is the best place to work in the world. Yep, we said in the world.Choons! 'One of my favourite things about working at Clearbox is the (now infamous) opportunity to Be The DJ. I think having some music on in the background while we work creates a great working environment and, especially for new members of staff, it's a great way to get to know people better and chat about things not necessarily work related…even if some people are at times overly reliant on Spotify's “Diva” playlist.' - Dan 'The Man' LynchGetting High (on sugar). 'Copious amounts of baked goods from the local bakery makes a Friday even more fabulous! Now we've started our cookery competition, Come Dine with Clearbox, food has become even more of a talking point and it keeps us up to speed with each others' tastes and interests.' - Claire 'Bestie' Best.Social Personality 'Our individual personalities and interests are embraced here, and I think that's the reason why our collaborative approach to work is successful in producing some of the most creative campaigns UK and Ireland have ever seen. We're encouraged to be real and not afraid for clients to see our funny, cheeky or down-right controversial sides. Our work and internal marketing is honest, refreshing and award-winningly funny because of it.' Grainne 'G-Dawg' Glenny.Home away from home 'The best thing about working at Clearbox is that we are strategically positioned directly above a fantastic coffee shop. This means caffeine on tap, a reliable supply of overpriced baked goods and somewhere to go to escape the craziness of the office if you need to get some time to yourself.' - Anna 'MVP' Morris#DRMZ 'My favourite thing about working at Clearbox is how laid-back a day in the office is. The balance between working hard and having fun is just right, and Fat Friday is a perfect example of this. The high-profile job of picking what plays on the Sonos speaker is usually one I steer clear of, but when the tunes are on point and someone has brought in snacks, we literally live the office dream.' - Susan 'AO' Ogonda.

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