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Welcome to the Jungle

07. 09. 2018

We recently welcomed our two newest recruits, Lauren and Sophie, to Clearbox. They’ve joined our 2018 Graduate Programme and have been quick to immerse themselves in the always weird, sometimes wacky and often wonderful world of consumer PR.

How have they found the transition from university life to the world of full time work? Here’s Sophie talking about the five things she’s learned during her first week with us.

1) Keeping pace

The world of PR is similar to what I imagined; fast paced, exciting, ever-changing and unpredictable. Although this was scary during my first week, I realised that being thrown into tasks was perhaps the best thing that my newbie self needed. Spreadsheets, events, boardroom meetings, client briefs, unknown websites and Apps, the list goes on. Although this seems daunting, the support, willingness to help and friendliness of the team has been greatly appreciated and has helped me to feel part of the team very quickly.

The office environment itself is an amazing place to work. The music, open spaces and non-work-related conversations (only a few, I promise), are key to keeping the balance. Loving the environment you work in makes it a lot easier and it thankfully, isn’t chore-like, which I thought the world of work would be.

2) Put the tea in team

To play hard and work even harder, the team drink a copious amount of tea. To put it into perspective, the biggest bag of tea I have ever laid eyes on and probably the size of my upper body resides in the kitchen.

The precious brew provides fuel for the team to create wonderful and weird ideas. As this seems to help the creative juices, I too have become a more regular drinker of this copper delight. Wish me luck in the realms of caffeine-fuelled, weird and wonderful idea creation.

3) Get with the routine

Adapting to a routine again after lounging on your sofa during those splendid three-month long University breaks is pretty difficult. It seems like I barely have any time in the evenings. I’ve learnt, even though you’re out of a fast-paced environment, you still should keep this adrenaline up by maintaining a busy schedule to get your chores done (university me cries inside). Organisation is key both inside and outside of the workplace and lists are your best friend.

4) Read all about it!

When your lecturers tell you to keep up to date with worldly events, they mean it. The importance of what is going on around you is extremely important in PR, it helps with content, prevents clashing and keeps everyone on the same page. Following newsworthy social media accounts including art, culture and business, provides a fun and quick way to keep up with headlines. It also ensures the office never run out of topics to discuss.

5) No such thing as a bad idea

Even when questions and ideas may seem silly, an angel in the body of Anna Morris, sits on my shoulder and whispers “any idea is a good idea.” I was unsure about my first boardroom experience on a Monday morning. I haven’t previously worked in PR therefore, I was unsure if my ideas seemed ludicrous, too bold, too basic or on the right track. Thankfully, my suggestions for a new client were praised and it helped others bounce off and evolve my ideas. *Breathe,* your ideas weren’t as terrible as you thought they would be. Therefore, thank you Anna, for your quote has helped me survive my first week.

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