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19. 07. 2017
You know the tune.Anyway, first there were fine summer tunes, now we're bringing you the top holiday destinations with the Clearbox seal of approval. While this week's hot sunshine might have vanished, we're still pondering summers past. Where do we like to go when it's hot? Everywhere from Portugal to the Mournes apparently…but generally speaking, we're home birds.


I'm keeping it local and declaring the Mourne Mountains as my favourite summer destination. We're so lucky to have an area of unspoilt beauty right on our doorstep and it's the perfect spot to go for complete peace and quiet. If we're lucky enough to get a couple of days sunshine I'll head straight to the mountains for some quality family time exploring the mountains followed by a barbecue. Perfection!


The Algarve, Portugal. It's still in the same time zone as home, it has miles of beaches to walk along, fabulous restaurants, lots of al fresco dining in scenic spots, plenty of fresh seafood, a high calibre of live entertainment, and many squares and marinas that gather crowds, which is always good for a spot of people watching. And then's there's the abundance of golf courses…if that's your thing. Cliff Richard even has a winery near Albufeira that you can check out. What's not to love?


I might be a little biased, given I'm from Co.Clare, but the most incredible sunsets I've ever seen, bar none, have been in Doolin. As the traditional music capital of Ireland, the atmosphere and craic in Doolin's little traditional pubs is unbeatable and the food is pretty good too.


When the sun's out, it's hard to beat home (hear me out…)! Ireland has so many great forest parks and beaches and I was lucky enough to have grown up in close proximity to a few, so I have lots of good memories. Firm favourites would have to be Tollymore Forest Park, Marble Hill in Co. Donegal, and Elly Bay in Co. Mayo. It can be touch and go with the weather most of the time, but when you get them on a rare sunny day, they're glorious!


The Isle of Man reminds me of summer as a kid. We would always go over in the boat and stay in the Groudle Glen cottages. All the photos give me such nostalgia. It seemed a lot bigger when I was younger but I'd love to go back. At that time you could get a tram up Snaefell mountain into the clouds. Aside from feeling like you might plunge to your death at any moment, it was amazing. The whole place is magical.


Granary Square in London, right by King's Cross station. It's a great place to escape the city heat on a sunny afternoon, down on Regent's Canal. It's got some special restaurants nearby and, best of all, has a Waitrose with an off license so you can enjoy a G&T in the sunshiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine. As you were.

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