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15. 11. 2019

You might have missed it, but there’s a big old Lotto rollover going on tonight. £100 odd million! It got Kerry thinking about money, money, money. She asked our team what they’d spend the money on, should they win. The results are…interesting.

On you go Kezza!

I have some great news to share. You may or may not be aware that last week Northern Ireland was revealed as the second most likely place in the UK to win a major prize in the National Lottery. It’s big news.

Since the first lottery draw in 1994, 133 millionaires have been created in NI. Even more interestingly, more than a quarter of these millionaires have been created in the last three years, that’s 34 people to be precise.

Apparently this means that someone living here wins £1 million every 32 days and for smaller wins the probability is even higher with someone in NI winning £50,000 or more every 11.6 days.

Every time I purchase a lottery ticket, I spend the entire week basking in the knowledge that I have won. I have the £165 million spent in my head. Then I get extremely, extremely upset when I don’t win. I think the world is unfair and generally it’s just not good for me - so I’ve had to quit. However, with this information I might just have to take it up again. The probability looks good.

In light of these recent statistics, I thought I would get the team at Clearbox to share what they would do if they won the lottery. To note, we are talking about a big win here. Some of them got really in to it and have evidently spent far too much time thinking about this. We are talking elaborate plans and faking of deaths.


It goes without saying that I would let my mother retire and pay off my father’s mortgage. I would buy my sister a house, make sure everybody else in the family was living rather comfortably and support some causes that are close to my heart. No-one in my family ever need worry about money again.

Then I would complete some mundane adult tasks but naturally a little more extravagantly. I would buy a lovely house with a garden, some decking and maybe even an indoor pool (we are talking Cultra style - if you know, you know). I would then buy a couple of extra houses across the world (to save on hotel costs). I would never travel economy again - you know what, I might even buy a private jet and hire a pilot. Needless to say, I would then travel the world.

After a few years of traveling, I would have to find something to fill my days, so I think I might still work. I would get too bored and agitated without something to do and somewhere to be every day. Where in the world I would work, that is yet undecided. All I know is that I would take a couple of years to work with the elephants - the dream job. Everything else, I will work out when I win.


I don’t even have to think twice about this. When I win the lottery I’ll:

• Go travelling for about two years straight
• Bring Taco Bell to N.I and R.O.I
• Buy annual passes to Disneyland for all my family and friends
• Give a nice wee chunk to some charities that are close to my heart
• Buy my parents a holiday house somewhere sunny
• Invest in my dream Disney World wedding (yes of course it will be in front of the castle under the fireworks and yes you can come)


If I won the lottery I don’t think I would tell anyone.

• I would take my friends on holiday to the Caribbean (top of bucket list atm).
• I would anonymously donate to people / a charity in need
• I would charter a Super Yacht in the South of France and take all my friends and family
• I would never travel economy again (zero queues is the way forward)
• I would buy the whole of Zara :)

John Meg

I’d buy Ballymena United.

I’d obviously do all the other stuff like pay my ma’s house off and send her on the trip to Canada she’s always wanted to go on, buy my da some Toblerone and the first pressings of all of Bowie’s albums, get my sister & brother in law a house big enough to have a zoo of dogs and buy my brother a slew of expensive guitars and a rocket-ship of a car.

But quite honestly, my first phone call would be to Ballymena Showgrounds to inform them that everything was under new ownership and we were making a push for Irish Premier League glory. I’d also buy that new Northern Ireland kit - it’s absolutely MINT. Oh and I’d have a night out with Liam Gallagher and I’d buy Mesut Ozil out of his Arsenal contract so that whole sorry saga was over. Good ebening.

I would still absolutely work though. It would be boring sat in one of my many homes, waiting for the next BUFC game to come round.


If I won the lottery, the first thing I would do is get it into the bank to build up that interest! Then I’d take a short, casual break to Bora Bora to think about how I’m going to spend my new found fortunes (while all that bank interest continues to gather). I’d definitely want to use my money to help my family and friends, making sure everyone’s covered before diving into the fun bit!

I’d do no-expenses-spared tours of the US, Japan, South Africa and Scandinavia to start off (we’re talking first class flights and six-star hotels, people) - I’d be racking up as many experiences as possible so that, when the money runs out, I’d have all of these memories to look back on.


First of all, I’d go to some sort of money expert to help me deal with the weight of having all that dolla! Then I’d give a lot it of to my church to dish out as they see fit. After being sensible, I’d buy some land at the north coast, build a house on that land, and put an Eames chair in that house. I’d help my mum finish renovating our family home and take her on her dream trip to New York. As well as also increasing my boot collection, I’d open a bookshop (since I’d never have to worry about being broke) and have the time of my nerdy life!


This is a thought I give A LOT time to if I’m being honest therefore I have constructed a detailed plan. First I would book a flight to London and stay in a really fancy hotel and write out my plan. I would then pay off all my family’s mortgages. Then I would book a few amazing holidays. With the rest of the money I would open a community centre in each town in NI that would offer free child care in the day and at night it would offer a place where everyone could socialise and it would run movie nights, game nights etc and a nice evening meal that would be free for everyone to enjoy.


I have thought of this so many times!

I would buy a house in Bangor with an amazing sea view, get an Audi Q5 for me and a pick up for my husband as these are our dream cars! I would also pay off all my family members’ and best friends’ debts and buy them a new house (if they wanted one). I also have 11 nieces and nephews so I would lock in some money for each of them, until they are 25 and have some sense about them, to help get them started in adulthood! I would also love to help charities, not only with donations but with my time, so this would definitely be something I would do and also get my kids involved as well, to help keep their feet firmly on the ground! I would also travel A LOT and see parts of the world I have only dreamt of!

Claire Hamilton

The classic 'what would you do if you won the lottery' question. I would actually want to stay entirely anonymous - you hear some horror stories of people who won the lottery and it ruining their lives. I’d speak to a wealth advisor and look at how I can help family and friends first. It would feel really great to be able to set the people I love up for life and support them.

I am not one for just sitting down and spending the rest of my life spoiled and idle, so I'd look to use a good chunk of the money for charitable endeavours - most likely an Animal Sanctuary, academic scholarships for students across America and climate change initiatives. I would also buy property in some of my favourite places - NYC, London, Strangford Lough and the North Fork of Long Island so I can always have a place near the people I love most. Lastly, I would take a year long trip around the world with my husband - inviting friends and family along the way - but spend time exploring new counties, foods, people and enrich my life with new experiences.


As soon as I find out (positive mental attitude) that I win the lottery I will undertake a series of actions. First of all, I will immediately jet off to Switzerland, where I will open Swiss bank accounts for a select few, and of course myself. I will then have a team of lawyers draw up non disclosures for these select few, and I will invite them to a meeting, with my lawyers present. They will sign the NDAs and I will give them their account info. The accounts will be set up to pay a select amount of money each year, rather than in one lump sum. I want to look after the mental health of those that I help, I’m good like that.

I will stay at work… initially, to keep up the smoke and mirrors, until I have everything set up. Once I have everyone prepped, I will then start splurging. I would buy an island somewhere fancy, kinda like Richard Branson and invest in it over time, setting up the infrastructure and getting it ready. It will have an airport, a hotel for guests of my choosing, a hospital, some restaurants and of course, a mansion for me. The island will be known as the island of the animals as I will have loads of animals… not in a zoo / contained kind of way, more of a here, roam free kinda way. I will carefully select animals only comfortable in that climate (polar bears and penguins can stay chill).

After two / three years of playing the long game, I will fake my own death and retreat to my island.

Bare with me here...

Once fake dead, I will live happily in solitude with all of my animal friends, and will be visited by family and friends regularly. As I also have my own airport and planes, I will also jet home regularly, and will pay off security people so that I can stay ‘dead’. I would rejoice in the knowledge that I have set up my close family and friends for life and that I can retreat in solitude.

Side note: My niece Annie would be set up to be the richest, most fabulous person in the world and I would buy out the Royal family so that she could be Queen. She’d make a fierce ruler. She’s only 8 months old, but I see greatness in her.


I’m currently in the process of house hunting in North Yorkshire with my other half, and though we’re confident we will find something beautiful… if money was no object then we’d buy a property from the Victorian era with lots of original features, a huge garden and views of the Yorkshire countryside. The next step would be to pay an expensive interior designer to do the hard work and decorate the place! I would spend the rest on a new car, multiple exotic holidays, spoiling friends and family, supporting causes close to my heart, and getting weekly blowdries! I’d also buy and save Pizza Express as it’s my happy place.


First things first, like most people - I would pay off my debts, pay off all my families debts, buy a new family home, donate to charity and invest with my winnings.

But if I had a BIG win, there are a few crazier things I would love to do:

1. I would take a year or two away and travel the globe with my family, I would love to see and experience places we could only ever dream of!
2. I would buy Manchester United Football Club for my husband and my 10 year old son who are both die hard football fans (although I’m not sure with recent performance, they’d want it!)
3. I would build an equestrian riding school for my daughter who lives for horses and dreams of having her own one day.

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