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What I've learned

26. 09. 2022

We’re passionate about giving young people an opportunity to get experience in PR. From our annual graduate intake to our Absolute Beginners programme, we’re always looking for ways to help people get experience in our industry.

As part of this, we welcomed Aimee to our team for a summer internship. Aimee is about to start her second year at university and as we sadly wave her off for a few weeks before (we hope) she comes back, she’s written about what she’s learned with us so far.


What have you learned?

I have learned about the importance of teamwork within PR. Campaigns need to be completed within a timeframe and working closely with my colleagues gives me achieve this, plus it gives me fresh ideas. This helps projects to get finished quicker because ideas are being generated faster. I have loved coming up with fresh ideas for clients and creating ideas for Clearbox’s TikTok and Instagram accounts for the coming months.

Have you been surprised by anything?

I have been surprised at the number of different aspects to PR. It is not all the same and each person could be doing something completely different. I think this is so cool because there is a nice level of variety, and nothing seems too repetitive. No two days are ever the same and I love this because you can start each day not knowing what the day will bring. This to me is very exciting. I was also surprised about how important the news is and it is essential to have a ‘nose for the news.’ This is because it is important to see if any press releases have gotten coverage in the news. When stories that have been written get coverage, it can feel very rewarding.

What you thought a job in PR would be vs what is?

I thought PR was just writing press releases day in day out as I have only learned about PR in University. I know now that it is so much more than this it can be exciting and makes me feel fulfilled that I am making a difference. Yes, there are press releases to complete but these are current and interesting to write about. There is also so much more such as managing clients and keeping in touch with them regularly. You work as a part of a huge picture with lots of people in completing your part of a project or campaign. Campaigns are so fun because they can spark your creative side in thinking of new ideas. There is also lots of fun social events too which allows everyone to meet informally and get to know each other more. We have a karaoke night coming up which I am so excited for I can’t wait to see everyone’s costumes! (Yes, she said costumes. We’re doing karaoke in fancy dress, because why not?)

It goes without saying that this placement wouldn’t have been anywhere near as good if it wasn’t for the team. Every person made me feel so welcome from the very first day. I feel like I have made real friends not just colleagues. I am so grateful for this opportunity it has been a very valuable experience in which I have learned a lot. I can’t thank everyone at Clearbox enough!

Aimee : )

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