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What We Do: Bushmills

19. 05. 2017
A question we're asked more than any other – 'what do you guys actually do?'Well, the best way of answering that is to show you some of the things we get up to.With that in mind, welcome to a new feature that goes behind the scenes at Clearbox, delving into some of the amazing work we do for our world class clients. First up is one of our campaigns for Bushmills Irish Whiskey. Let's talk about #AnswerTheCall. Grainne Glenny explains all.BUSHMILLS IS…A global leader in the whiskey category and one of Northern Ireland's most recognised home-grown brands, Bushmills Irish Whiskey needs no introduction. We've been working with the iconic distillery since 2016 through the brand's global distributor, Proximo Spirits, following one of the most exciting, engaging and fiercely competitive pitch processes we've ever been involved in.ANSWER THE CALL IS…We were given a brief for a very cool campaign called #AnswerTheCall, which focuses on the much-loved and iconic Black Bush brand. Answer The Call is all about changing the game and forging your own path. At Clearbox, we're all about doing things a little bit differently and going against the grain. We knew this campaign we had to work on. Ahead of the pitch we brainstormed and sampled….and sampled some more to get in the 'spirit' and ultimately saw not only our calling for whiskey realised, but our hard worked rewarded with the addition of this exciting client and brand new category to our portfolio.GETTING STARTEDWe kicked things off by researching the lives and opinions of hundreds of people from across Northern Ireland. Our research revealed that 76% of people are not currently doing what they love which really struck a chord with us. We asked ourselves, how can we use the people who have Answered their Calling to inspire those who have yet to do so.We assembled a cast of local collaborators, people who've answered their own call by saying no to the 9-5 grind to follow their dreams. From here we worked alongside our collaborators to create a series of themed, targeted consumer events in key locations across Northern Ireland.WHY?To allow consumers to immerse themselves in the fearless, spirited and unconventional worlds of local talent and experience Bushmills Irish Whiskey in all its glory, through a portfolio of Black Bush serves. Using local talent as the mechanic to promote key messaging and deliver events and using events as the catalyst to see consumers sampling Black Bush in key accounts, we've created a powerful cocktail.Our campaign is built to affect change. We're capturing consumers' attention, communicating the fearless history of Bushmills Irish Whiskey by creating engaging content across PR and social.We're securing buy-in from key accounts to build an affinity and loyalty to Bushmills Irish Whiskey amongst Northern Ireland's influential bar folk. We're seeing whiskey enthusiasts and first-timers alike enjoy the rich fruity notes and a deep, intense character of Black Bush.AN INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNRolling out #AnswerTheCall has involved the brainpower and manpower of all divisions at Clearbox HQ to come together. We've got three core teams at Clearbox – Content, Creative and Events.A fully integrated campaign, our Creative Team built the campaign's dedicated website while designing a creative concept that reflected the brand ethos and authentic look and feel. Unique creative has been defined for each collaborator and rolled out across Point of Sale, Social Media and PR.Our Content Team has been kept busy creating engaging video, copy and imagery for earned and owned media, telling the stories of each collaborator and using the experiences of those who have Answered the Call to inspire others.Our Events Team works with collaborators and key accounts to deliver unforgettable and authentic consumer experiences. So far we've hosted events in venues including The Dark Horse, The Black Box, Love and Death Inc and we've something really cool planned for next weekend in The Filthy Quarter which I'll tell you a bit about in a minute…'And how do you know if it's working?', I hear you say!RESULTSSince our launch on 22 March, more than 10 million people have seen or heard about #AnswerTheCall in Northern Ireland through social and traditional media.In the same period, our dedicated microsite has experienced close to 3,000 unique visits and we've had over 1,000 registrations for our two events and two competitions so far. Our event testimonials from consumers confirm and credit our experience-based approach.WHY I LOVE THIS CAMPAIGNPersonally speaking, I love so much about this campaign. First off, let's talk about its versatility – working with so many local talents, in a host of different venues, in a wide set of capacities is a real treat.For instance, our first event saw us work with The Bearded Candle Makers to deliver 'Whiskey by Candlelight' at Love and Death Inc.April saw us working with David Torrans of bookstore, No Alibis to host 'Whiskey and Words' at the Black Box.Now we're gearing up to deliver the first ever Black Bush Block Party on May 28 at The Filthy Quarter, hosted by chef Kevin Pyke of Pyke 'N' Pommes, master barber Garry Jackson and street-artist Glen Molloy.Often quite black and white in my thinking, I enjoy that this campaign makes 100% sense, it has a clear objective and clear directions to get there. I love our approach, how it embodies and represents the very essence of Bushmills Irish Whiskey and how it feels authentic as we roll it out.Always up for a challenge and keen to continue to develop my experience, I'm proud to work on a campaign that is shaking up the NI market, pushing the boundaries within this category and within the marketing communications industry alike. We've take some risks and introduced some firsts – for instance we're running all elements of the campaign from Clearbox and our events are experiential placing an elevated value on the 'direct to consumer' channel here in Northern Ireland.As a whiskey drinker, I'm a big fan of the after-hour pow-wows, and the 'research' opportunities often presented to me. Seriously though, the local Proximo team offers a wealth of knowledge and it's been great sharing in their expertise to develop my knowledge and understanding of the whiskey category.To see our work with Bushmills Irish Whiskey for yourself, visit, search #AnswerTheCall or follow @BushmillsUK. Feel free to drop us a line at or give us a bell on 028 9562 2600 and we'll #AnswerTheCall.

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