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What We’ve Been Up To In October…

31. 10. 2014

We've retired the Clearbox Weekly (boo!) but starting this month, we're bringing you a new update from our Holywood HQ (yay!) that we hope is bigger, better and more fun than ever before. So, without further ado, here's a roundup of what went down at Clearbox in October. Enjoy!

Clearbox turned 1 this month, and to celebrate, we had some marshmallows made with our faces on them. By a company owned by James Middleton, no less. They've gone down a treat (no pun intended) and we've still got some left, so the first person to read this and tweet us with 'I want your marshmallows @clearboxpr' gets a delivery next week! Happy Birthday, Clearbox!

We welcomed two new faces to the Clearbox team this month. Clare Savage and Page McLaughlin have joined the agency on an internship from the University of Ulster.

They've both been absolute superstars and have not only brought huge enthusiasm to the team, but have also shown us some very cool new trainer trends and have brought Chips Ahoy cookies into our lives. Good work, ladies! If you'd like to welcome Page and Clare, head on over to our Facebook page and say hello!

On the client front, we've welcomed some fantastic new names to the Clearbox family this month. Universal Pictures (UK), EE, Brakes Ireland and Aussie crowdfunding movie Banana Boy all joined the agency in October.

The team has also been responsible for some fab work in the last 31 days, including:

  • Creating a life-size, bronze statue of TV and cinema icon Mrs. Brown to celebrate the launch of Mrs. Brown's Boys D'Movie on DVD
  • Hosting the Brakes Innovation Day, the first ever cross-border initiative between Bord Bia and Invest NI
  • Created and managed some really cool social media activity for Jyrobike
  • Helped Banana Boy achieve $20,000 in crowd funding - the movie is now going into production!
We've also been busy updating our website, which hopefully you'll have noticed if you're reading this. If you haven't had a peak at our new look, check out our new team and clients section. Shiny and new!

The witching hour is fast approaching so we better go and polish our broomsticks - hope you've enjoyed this mini update of what we've been up to. Happy Halloween!

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