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Why your employees should be your brand superheroes

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02. 02. 2018

You’re probably well aware of the work we do in PR, social media and experiential marketing but did you know we also have a team of internal communications experts working away at Clearbox? We help larger organisations communicate with their entire team and help empower employees to share their opinions. Why is it important for everyone in an organisation to have a voice? Our Internal Comms Manager, Claire Best explains...

Internal Communications has changed. Traditionally senior managers dictated the tone, decisions and strategy on how best to engage with their workforce. A typical Internal Comms strategy involved a series of printed newsletters and posters which had the sole purpose of disseminating information into the rest of the organisation via a one way communication flow – but is this still the best way to communicate with employees?

Creating Brand Advocates

The new and, in my opinion, improved look for internal communications is focused on finding brand advocates from within the company. This starts with employees having a strong understanding of the organisation’s strategy, brand values and vision – and most importantly listening to their input and feedback so that they can play a key role.

This new approach brings about its own challenges. Getting people excited and engaged is becoming harder and harder - throw a few millennials into the mix and your challenge gets even bigger. That’s why it’s so important for the business to listen to the needs and wants of their people.

Making a lasting impact

Your greatest asset is not the coffee machine in the kitchen (OK, great coffee does help) – it is a highly engaged workforce. That is why businesses need to come up with an alternative internal communication strategy that excites employees…think making a lasting impact as opposed to pushing ‘forced fun’.

Employee engagement increases productivity

Research shows that successful organisations place employee engagement at the centre of their corporate strategy. For example, multi-national organisations such as Apple, Netflix and Google are 40% more productive than the average company. It’s not just because these organisations attract top tier employees - it’s what they do with these high performers that makes the difference.

Two way traffic

Amazon-owned online fashion retailer Zappos is an example of a business with a near-evangelical approach to creating internal advocates within its workforce. Instead of a basic handouts or office posters, think “town-hall” team get-togethers, CEO Q&A sessions, monthly newsletters, internal audits, lunch & learn meetings or team fun days. This in turn translates into a strong reputation for customer service and committed advocates among its customer base.

Our own approach

Creating brand advocates begins with your people and the internal culture. At Clearbox, we practice what we preach and have implemented this less traditional, but highly effective approach to engaging employees. I went straight to the source for some examples and asked our team to share what makes Clearbox’s internal strategy unique and engaging…

Claire Hamilton | Volunteer Package. I love that there is such a strong emphasis on giving back to the community through our volunteer package. It is amazing that we have the opportunity to individually pick a charity that we are passionate about and help make a positive difference in our community.

Daniel Lynch | Smells Like Team Spirit. I really like our newsletter. Smells Like Team Spirit (great name if you ask me) is irreverent and funny, but has lots of great stuff about our clients, campaigns and personal milestones. It’s the perfect reflection of the balance between our hard-work ethic and our slightly unconventional office environment as told by the team itself. Also, the ratio of pictures to words is something I greatly appreciate.

Ashley Dalzell | Parent Package. The one that I totally value most is the ‘Parent Package’ for obvious reasons. It’s so lovely to work for a company who not only understand what it’s like to function on minimal, broken sleep but also support and help you through it. The Parent Package additional hours pot is so great as it means I don’t have to dip into my personal holiday allowance for child-related things.

Natalie Clarke | Party Pot. My favourite would have to be the party fun pot. It gives you the chance to practice some creative event-organisation skills and it’s also great craic. It’s so nice to take time as a team to participate in a non-work related activity, have a chat and find out what’s happening. I might be a tad biased but Char & I’s graduation party was one of my favourite Clearbox moments so far, it made me feel instantly welcome and such laughs were had.

Danielle Hibbert | Rhythm Meetings.As well as formal performance reviews we do monthly coffees that take place on a 1-to-1 format which we call rhythm meetings. Essentially this is an opportunity to discuss what’s going on in our lives outside work, what we are working on in terms of personal goals and if we have a problem with the office playlist, this is a great time to bring it up.

Charlotte Goss | Inspiration Package. In an industry that requires creativity on demand, it can be quite challenging to come up with new ideas all the time, and keep things fresh and relevant for clients. I’m loving the recent introduction of the Inspiration Package here at Clearbox, which allows you to take time to do something that inspires you, whether that’s going for a mountain hike to clear your head, visiting that museum exhibit you’ve been dying to see, or taking that pottery class you’ve always wanted to try. The catch? No technology for the day. The chance to totally switch off from emails and be fully immersed in the moment is something I believe works wonders for recharging the batteries and kickstarting your creativity!


The world of work has dramatically changed. We spend most of our time with our team members, which is why a strong internal communications strategy is so essential to building a successful business.

Are you interested in starting an internal communications campaign or need a refresh to the way you engage with your team? We’d love to help.

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