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Winning from home

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25. 08. 2020

As offices around the country start to re-open, Mollie has been weighing up the pros and cons of the WFH life.

Is she more winning from home, or whining from home? Over to you, Molls...

Hands up if you like working from home? 🙋🏼‍♀️ (that'll be winning, then)

It look about six weeks for me to fully embrace and relax into the new normal of working from home. However, for a while, it was uncharted territory and it felt as though there was no escape. My home was now my office.

Who doesn’t love that extra hour in bed and the satisfaction that comes from setting your alarm that little bit later? There are so many pros to working from home and it’s strange to think that it was never the ‘done’ thing. It’s also strange that moving forward it will probably always be allowed and accepted by employers for their team to work from home. After all, they’ve had five months to prove that they can do it efficiently.

It’s amazing how quickly the whole world adapted to this new concept and in a way, did so almost seamlessly.

Top tips for WFH:
- Write tomorrow’s to do list at the end of the day
- Work at a table or a desk and not with a laptop on your knee on the sofa
- Go outside or for a walk at lunch time
- Over-communicate - chat with your team much more than your natural tendency would be (otherwise things will be missed)

Things I love about working from home:
- When you make a hot drink, you only have to make one for yourself and not for 10 other people
- No commute = longer evenings = winning
- Sweatpants can be worn and blankets can be used
- You can listen to and not be judged for your music choice - shout out to Taylor’s Lover album
- Not missing packages means not having to get them redelivered

The list is quite endless…

However, there are things I won’t miss about working from home, or lockdown for that matter. Number one on the list - Zoom.

Had any one ever heard of it BC (before Corona)? It changes every time you use it. Will it upgrade you to more than 40 minutes, or will it not? It depends on the day. Sometimes it lets you copy the link into your browser and sometimes it prefers you to use the app. Every so often, just before you’re about to join a meeting, it tells you it needs an update 🤦🏼‍♀️

There are a few other things that won’t be missed: animals, humans, door bells interrupting you when you’re working or even better when you're in a *virtual* meeting🙄

Transition back to office life will be challenging. We’re now used to working on our own and at our own pace. I think we’re all ready to get back to normal, but getting there involves a complete reverse of what we started doing in March. It should be attempted at a slow and steady pace, so as not to completely overwhelm us all...

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