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Work Experience Throwback

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13. 10. 2017
Work experience - that week when you should really be at school, but the teachers let you go out and pretend you have a real job so you can work out what real job you want when the teachers can't tell you what to do anymore. Or something like that anyway...Work experience at Clearbox is great. We love giving enthusiastic students a chance to sample life at a creative agency like ours. They'll see how we work with brands like Amazon, Bushmills and Sony and get a taste for the dynamics of working in a busy office. This week we've had the pleasure of having a student from St. Pat's Academy join us in the agency and it got us thinking about our own work experience…eh…experiences. Before reading…can you guess who got to go to Vegas?Claire Hamilton: CongressMy first internship experience was the summer of 2010 after my first year at university. I interned for Congressman Robert Wexler, a Democrat from Florida. I still remember driving down to Washington, DC with my mom in a packed car with all my belonging for the summer and feeling so nervous. While my assignments as an intern weren't very glamorous, many many coffee runs and dry-cleaning pick-ups, it was an incredible opportunity to be at the epicentre of American politics and it led to my first job after university working for Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy, a Democrat from New York.Grainne Glenny: Limerick Communications OfficeIn my final year in college at University of Limerick, I decided I would just say yes to every opportunity that came my way, to build up my CV and make up for too much partying I suppose. One such opportunity was to work at Limerick Communications Office one day a week. At the time I had no idea what 'communications' was, so needless to say a career in PR was absolutely not something I had thought about. However, Laura and the team at LCO must have been real persuasive because the rest is history! The lesson? Party hard at college!Daniel Lynch: Election CampaigningWhen I was in school most of my classmates wanted to be, and have since become, lawyers or doctors, but I wasn't interested in those careers. The school was able to help those students out, but I was more or less left to sort my own week of work experience out and through a friend of a friend of my mum's ended up on the 2007 European Parliament election campaign with one of the political parties. No I'm not telling you which one. One of the best bits was seeing how the politicians and their entourage dealt with the media. The key experience for me was when they invited a group of political reporters to breakfast. I was about two thirds of the way through a bacon and egg soda when I decided to be a journalist.Ashley Dalzell: Interior DesignMy first taste of work experience was with a local interior designer in my hometown of Whitehead. I had just recently designed my bedroom (lilac was my colour of choice) and I thought I had a natural flair for interior design. So, my mum put me in touch with this local designer and the next thing I knew I was shadowing her and working alongside her as she renovated a local property with the aim of being featured in various interior design publications.I very soon realised that I lacked any sort of creative flair and actually wasn't so talented in the field after all. So I retreated quietly back to my lilac bedroom that I soon realised was very bland in comparison.Anna Morris: QUB Physics DeptMy work experience memory is from the Queen's University Physics Department, which is not only where my dad worked, but also tied in nicely to my hopes and dreams of becoming an award-winning physicist.It was 1997 and I was put in front of a computer and introduced to 'the world wide web' and encouraged to discover the limitless research opportunities offered by the search engine.I literally spent a whole week looking up horse pictures and facts. Needless to say, I never did become a Nobel Prize winning Physicist but I can answer any questions you may have on horse care.Natalie Clarke: IFAThe only work experience I've ever had was in lower sixth. I ended up in the Marketing department of the Irish Football Association. Much to everyone's surprise, I actually loved it.At the time the office was filled with cans of Irn Bru, and I even got a few copies of Football Manager out of it. The office got a lot of laughs trying to teach me what the off-side rule was - unsuccessfully.They let me Interview a few players, transcribe the interviews and go along for some pre-match filming for a upcoming game. The whole experience was great, and unexpectedly relevant given my career now.John Meg: Professional Darts CorporationMy favourite work placement, and one of my favourite jobs of all time, was the year and a bit I spent at the Professional Darts Corporation during my university days. After being encouraged to get some work experience by a lecturer, I wrote to the PDC, telling them I was a huge fan and I'd love to help them out doing anything from emptying the bins to writing the odd press release.Little did I know, but the Press Office Manager lived a short train journey away from where I went to uni. We met in Harrogate one sunny afternoon for a coffee and a few weeks later, I was off to Blackpool for the World Matchplay. I worked in the press office at the Sky Sports-televised tournaments for the next year and ended up in locations including Dublin, Bolton, Purfleet and Las Vegas. Quite the mix. It's one of the best life and work experiences I've ever had - from learning how to share a room with two other men for 10 days in Essex to rattling out a press release or match report every ten minutes for four hours. It taught me so, so much and I owe a debt of gratitude to Gayle Farmer and the team at the darts that I'll never be able to repay.

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