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Even greater flexible working

09. 02. 2023

Working remotely is something we’ve been doing since we first opened our doors many moons ago.

Today, we work in the office three days a week, and work remotely the rest of the time. Unless you want to work full-time in the office, of course, which is also fine. Hey, we’re all about choice here.

Can an encouraged remote working policy, coupled with unlimited annual leave, be bettered?

We think it can, which is why we’re introducing a new work from abroad scheme at Clearbox.

Jess on our team recently mentioned that she’d like the opportunity to work from a different country. Like the rest of her colleagues, she’s keen to broaden her horizons and meet different people from all walks of life and experience cultures outside our own.

Our team in Berlin

We understand through our partnership with Laika Berlin that to really get to know a place, you have to live and work there. A holiday won’t cut it – and holidays are also for relaxing – so we’re giving everyone on our team a trial run of five work from abroad days in 2023 to help them experience life outside Belfast.

Jess is first up – she’s heading to Budapest for a week to work from there. Two other people on our team will use the programme later in the year to work from Paris and Seattle.

The reason we’re doing this is simple – to give our team the flexibility to work remotely and the opportunity to travel and experience things outside Northern Ireland. Rarely does a pitch-winning idea or a new take on a client campaign come when you’re sitting in an office staring at a screen, so we want to encourage and enable our team to experience life in different countries.

It’s not a holiday masquerading as work – we will still work the same hours each day and be online for our colleagues and clients – but it’s a chance to experience life living in a new place, with a new way of doing things, before bringing those great new things you learn home.

Our team gets a better benefits package with the opportunity to travel, and Clearbox gets an even greater well-rounded team that has seen and done many things in many places.

Our team wins, our clients win, and we win.

From the blog

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