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Working 9 - 5: A Day In The Life Of Digital Dna

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24. 09. 2015
With just three weeks to go until the start of Digital DNA 2015, the brand's founder Gareth Quinn spoke to Ulster Business about how a typical day shapes up as Northern Ireland's most impactful technology event draws closer. The latest edition of Ulster Business is available in shops now.Name: Gareth QuinnPosition: Managing Director, Digital DNA6.30amMy wife Lisa and I are woken by our children - they have no snooze button! I start the morning having a look at my diary to remind myself what Digital DNA has planned for the day.7.30amI review my daily 'to do list', which is critical to my productivity and then send emails, and set up meetings in relation to the connections I made the day before.8.30amThe kids remind me that they have to go to school and we set off on the short walk.9.00amI either take the five minute trip to the office or head straight into meetings (usually held in a coffee shop with good coffee). Either way I touch base with the Digital DNA team at HQ first thing to go over our status and goals for the day. We have a fantastic team at Digital DNA and it has never been hard to motivate them, as they have been empowered to do their jobs.10amAt Digital DNA we try to live what we preach so we work as collaboratively as possible embracing online tools that are effective in helping us pool together and deliver on our aims. This year we have spent a lot more time talking to people in different time zones using video conferencing.11am - 3pmI meet and video conference with a wide selection of Digital DNA's partners, sponsors, ambassadors and others who we are working and collaborating with. On a global level these are organisations like Google, TotalMobile and Allstate and at a local level companies such as Chain Reaction Cycles, TotalHockey and Meteor Electrical. I sometimes broker meetings between other parties - bringing people together who would benefit from collaborating with each other.3-4pmI spend about 30 minutes around 3-3.30pm responding to emails and voicemails, as well as touching base with the team back at Digital DNA, HQ.4-6pmThe American West Coast is now awake and I spend a lot of time talking to our partners and influencers there. At the moment we are working with Stanford University to firm up details of a visit to their D-School in early 2016 as part of our Digital Futures Programme.6pmI have dinner at home with my family, which is a welcome reality check that makes me appreciate what it's all about. In the evenings I try to get the odd run or play 5-aside football. I also try to dedicate some time to practicing mindfulness which has had quite a positive impact on personal and professional life over the past six months. After the children have gone to bed I will usually spend another hour or two progressing whatever has developed during the day and working on whatever is needed for the following day.Digital DNA takes place in October. For tickets and more information visit

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