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World’s First Auto Balance Bicycle Adds Extra Gear

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26. 06. 2014
British-designed Jyrobike's unique balance technology could help many impaired and disabled people learn to ride a bicycle or rediscover their love of cycling Jyrobike, a British company that's re-inventing the wheel to help children learn to ride a bicycle quicker and easier than ever before, has secured the funds to include a super-strong level of stability for disabled children or children with mobility impairments.The first Jyrobike, aimed at 3-8 year olds and available in 12” and 16” wheels, features a patented Control Hub in the front wheel that uses gyroscopic technology to keep riders upright, even when they tip or wobble.Jyrobike uses a spinning flywheel inside the front wheel, called a Control Hub, to create a gyroscopic force which keeps the bicycle upright. The current maximum speed of the flywheel is 1550rpm, which provides three different levels of stability.Jyrobike's plans to increase the speed of the flywheel to 2500rpm will add a 4th gear of stability, increasing stability by 30%. 4th gear could be particularly useful for children with limited balance and coordination, as well as those who have picked up bad leaning habits due to time spent on training wheels (stabilisers), anxious children and second time learners.Jyrobike is currently seeking funding, with the company initially aiming to secure $100,000 through what is essentially a pre-order system on Kickstarter. Jyrobike secured $100,000 in just six days of the month-long funding campaign.The company's current total sits at almost $156,000. Jyrobike has today announced plans to build a 20” model should it achieve $500,000 on Kickstarter in the next eight days.The technology in the children's bicycle will be used in adult bicycles currently in development by the company, due to be released in 2015.Jyrobike was recently put through its paces by Caitlin, an eight year old girl with Dyspraxia. Caitlin has been unsuccessfully trying to learn to ride a bicycle for five years. See how Jyrobike helped her learn in under 20 minutes here.Jyrobike's gyroscopic technology shows great potential in helping disabled kids and adults who have never learned to ride a bike or simply find riding a bicycle difficult to master.As the world's first Auto Balance Bicycle, Jyrobike potentially offers people with mobility, vision and balance issues the opportunity to learn to ride a bicycle without the fear of falling off, tipping or wobbling.When turned on, the Control Hub acts like a gyroscope to provide a stabilising force, working in a similar fashion as gyroscopes do to keep helicopters stable in the air, boats stable at sea and spaceships stable in orbit.Jyrobike has been developed with input from some of the world's leading consultants, including Lani Hesson, Clinical Director at Kidspace, a multi-disciplinary paediatric therapy facility located in the US. Lani trialled a prototype Jyrobike with the children at Kidspace and found it particularly helpful for children with a weak core and low muscle tone, motor planning challenges and Autism Spectrum Disorders.Jyrobike's inclusive design means just that - it has been designed to meet the needs of as many people as possible.Unlike many gyms that don't offer accessible equipment, Jyrobike could help disabled people improve and maintain their fitness by providing them with an accessible, safe and worry-free way to exercise. This could enable many disabled people to enjoy riding a bicycle alone or with their loved ones.Isaak Ross, Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant at the Schreiber Paediatric Rehab Centre, used a prototype Jyrobike to help multiple children at the Centre learn to ride Isaak said: “Jyrobike has been a successful therapeutic intervention tool with a child with Sensory Processing Disorder and a child with Apraxia. We are amazed at how this product boosts the child's confidence and assists with achieving independence in riding a two wheeled bicycle.”Jyrobike is built on the core principle that bikes become inherently stable at higher speeds because the faster the two wheels spin, the more balanced it becomes.Working on this theory, the Research and Development team experimented by putting a gyroscope - a faster, spinning wheel - inside a slower wheel - e.g. the front wheel of the bicycle.As part of the process, Jyrobike invented a patented Control Hub that is able to intelligently generate an intrinsic stabilising force that resists the toppling force of gravity on the bicycle.The Control Hub behaves according to standard gyroscope rules and resists any angular force acting about its transverse axis. That is why it is able to resist toppling force caused by gravity.The principle of gyroscope precession dictates that counteracting the handlebar movement that follows any lean action will in turn generate a counter force to that of gravity and correct the lean to restore the bike upright.EndsFor more information please contact the Jyrobike team at Clearbox CommunicationsT: 028 9562 2600 E: / / @clearboxpr

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