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World’s First Auto Balance Bicycle Gears Up For Launch

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22. 05. 2014
British-designed Jyrobike's gyroscopic technology can teach kids to ride a bicycle in a single afternoonLondon, UK, 22nd May 2014: Jyrobike, a British company that's re-inventing the wheel to help children learn to ride a bicycle in a single afternoon has revealed some of the key features of the world's first and only Auto Balance Bicycle ahead of its global launch in early June.Aimed at 3-8 year olds and available in 12” and 16” wheels, Jyrobike features a patented Control Hub in the front wheel that uses gyroscopic technology to keep riders upright, even when they tip or wobble.When turned on, the Control Hub acts like a gyroscope to provide a stabilising force, working in a similar fashion as gyroscopes do to keep helicopters stable in the air, boats stable at sea and spaceships stable in orbit. Using a Jyrobike, children can learn to ride without stabilisers and learn to ride in one afternoon.The Control Hub can be fitted to any 12” or 16” bicycle and will be available as a standalone purchase or can be bought alongside the complete 12” and 16” Jyrobike. The Control Hub has ten world wide patents with a range of innovative and fun technologies, which will be revealed in early June.Jyrobike's revolutionary design features include:• High quality, lightweight aluminium frame in unique, super-strong tri-frame tubing• Ice white frame with coloured front forks and accessories in blue, purple, pink and red• Fat boy tyres providing extra traction and cushioning• Handlebar grips with safety end to prevent little hands slipping or bumping• Grab and carry handle on the saddle• Quick release, tool-free adjustable saddle post• Rounded bolt covers to help reduce scratches• V Brakes for extra stopping powerJyrobike will launch to the world in early June via Kickstarter. Speaking ahead of the launch, founder and CEO Robert Bodill said:“For the last two years, we've been working on a new bicycle that is aimed at helping children learn to ride in a single afternoon - by any measure, our goal is no mean feat. We have designed a bicycle that transports kids from 'can't ride' directly to that 'can ride' moment of delight, in the quickest and easiest way possible.“The gyroscopic technology found in Jyrobike's Control Hub helps the rider stay upright even when they tip or wobble, and we've combined this technology with a premium, super high-quality bicycle that we think kids and parents will love.”Jyrobike has been developed by cycling and technology experts in the UK, Netherlands and the United States and launches in early June through crowd funding site Kickstarter with the aim of securing $100,000 in funding.Jyrobike is built on the core principle that bikes become inherently stable at higher speeds because the faster the two wheels spin, the more balanced it becomes.Working on this theory, the Research and Development team experimented by putting a gyroscope - a faster, spinning wheel - inside a slower wheel - e.g. the front wheel of the bicycle.As part of the process, Jyrobike invented a patented Control Hub that is able to intelligently generate an intrinsic stabilising force that resists the toppling force of gravity on the bicycle.The Control Hub behaves according to standard gyroscope rules and resists any angular force acting about its transverse axis. That is why it is able to resist toppling force caused by gravity.The principle of gyroscope precession dictates that counteracting the handlebar movement that follows any lean action will in turn generate a counter force to that of gravity and correct the lean to restore the bike upright.Following the Kickstarter campaign, Jyrobike plans to build on the 12” and 16” bicycles by launching an adult product in 2015, aimed at helping adults ride for longer.Ends

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