The Kraken Black Spiced Rum

RUMantics: Serenading Sirens

Mask Group 5 min


Brief: create a tailored Ireland launch plan for the Valentine's Day Serenading Sirens campaign.

The campaign aimed to enchant Irish rum fans to enter a sea shanty competition on @KrakenRumIRL to win one of the limited edition Serenading Sirens packs.

The largely social-led Irish activation was bolstered by an all-Ireland PR strategy to further drive entries and engagement.

Social media content ran for one week across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to create a steady drumbeat of excitement and anticipation around the competition.

UK assets were adapted to roll out as organic content across all three platforms, as well as ad creative for paid tactics on Instagram and Facebook.

Our campaign in Ireland added an 8% increase in followers across @KrakenRumIRL social channels, with a social Reach of 84K. We created 24 posts for Instagram, Facebook & Twitter with a further 20 Instagram Stories shared by media and competition entrants. The press coverage secured for the campaign reached 2m people.

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