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Meet Nora

19. 01. 2022

Two big things happened at Clearbox in the first week of November last year. The day before we worked with the cast and crew of Universal Pictures Ireland's brilliant BELFAST (out this Friday in cinemas!), we welcomed the newest member of our team to the company.

She wanted to introduce herself, so here she is. Everyone, meet Nora!

I’m Nora. I’m 25 years old and I’m the newest member of the Clearbox team, having joined in November 2021 as a Junior Account Executive. I thought seeing as I have been with the team two months now and do plan on hanging around (as long as they’ll have me, of course), I should introduce myself, so here goes.

Belfast born and bred, I studied Communication Management and Public Relations at Ulster University; I enjoyed the ups and downs and everything in between, apart from hiking up the stairs in Jordanstown (if you know, you know). I’m also a keen coffee enthusiast, Personal Assistant to my 11-year-old Yorkshire terrier Toby, ex-competitive Irish Dancer (but still tapping my feet daily), and online shopping addict.

If I had to describe myself professionally (I’m one of those people who would tend to shy away from singing my own praises), I’d probably go for a self-starter and enthusiastic communicator, with a great sense of humour (or at least I think I do). I have a strong belief in a good cup of coffee, though I’m dairy free so make it an Oat flat white if possible. I consider myself to have a natural creative flair and a very open and explorative mind. I love social media and I love people, and I am always prepared to move outside the box for a solution, however the logical and critical side of me then lends a hand to ensure my (sometimes a bit mad) ideas are logical and achievable.

Aside from my work-life, I enjoy the gym (sometimes), music, exploring the outdoors (mainly in the good weather), and spending time with my friends and family. I’m a very active person and tend to lead a fairly fast-paced life (now, I’ll say that lightly in wake of the last 20 months). I like to fill my day with activities. Whether it be a coffee with a friend or a walk with my family, I’m definitely the ‘get up and go’ type. I even consider doing the groceries to be a day out half of the time (and do really need to learn that taking mirror selfies in the little self-checkout cameras is not a personality trait). I spent most of my childhood and teen years dancing, whether that be at class or competitions, the dog needs walked daily, and at least 60% of my income goes directly to Caffè Nero. Busy is my normal, and I tend to love it.

One of my hidden talents (and something not many people know about me) is that I can play the piano by ear. After listening to around 40 seconds of any song, I can work out the accompaniment. Disclaimer: I played piano at graded level for many years as a child, as did my Dad. I didn’t just teach myself such a skill, that would be hailing myself with a talent I indeed do not have.

I’m really looking forward to all the adventures and learnings 2022 will bring, and to meeting many more of you within the fabulous world of PR and beyond. I have already had the opportunity to work on so many great tasks and projects and feel like I fit right into the team. I can’t wait to work hard on my development in the coming months, supporting my clients and colleagues as I go.

Lastly, no matter what I get up to on my journey with Clearbox, I’ll always make time for a trip to Caffè Nero.

Here’s to 2022, the year of new things!


PS if you'd like to join Nora at Clearbox, we have four Account Executive positions open at the moment. Apply via our LinkedIn company page.

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