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PR trends in 2023

03. 01. 2023

Happy New Year! Chocolates eaten? Had your fill of turkey sandwiches? Ready to go again?


As we enter a big year, Amy has been talking to our team about what they expect to see in the world of PR in 2023. What are the big trends? How will campaigns and stories look? Take it away, Amy and team!

The world is changing all the time. This year, in the UK alone, a new king was crowned, an embarrassing number of prime ministers have been installed in Downing Street, and England’s Lionesses had a historic victory at the 2022 Euros. Across the world, there’s been a rise in teens consuming news on social media platforms, and you can’t move online for viral TikTok videos that die off slowly after a week or so in the spotlight. And that’s not even scratching the surface of 2022’s media output, never mind each country’s specific regional output.

As PR professionals, it’s our job to stay aware and keep pace with changes in culture, media and focus, reinventing plans and adapting strategies to deliver the best for our clients at all times. PR agencies need to stay on the front foot by creating content and suggesting campaign ideas to clients that chime with the media agenda of their targeted areas and grab the attention of the consumer amidst a bustling media landscape.

With 2023 on the horizon, we had a chat as a team about what we think next year’s biggest PR trends will be. Here’s what predict:


I think that a PR trend that will take off in 2023 is the consumer desire for authenticity in the midst of the rise of ‘fake news’. I think that companies will need to really evaluate their brand voice and ensure that what they are doing is representative of their company values in order for consumers to feel confident in their business. People are becoming more and more critical and able to spot any inconsistencies and won’t be afraid to call it out…


In my opinion, a trend that will really take off in 2023 will be a shift in audience for targeted strategy. We are witnessing constant changes in terms of media consumption and innovation in technology. Gen-Z is becoming the leading target for brands due to the generation’s increased ability for content creation and engagement boosting. Gen-Z has increased purchase power and is the next generation of consumers. To understand this group and, in turn, target effectively, it’ll be important to spend time analysing their behaviours and the content they consume.


I’m loosely attaching this concept to the word ‘trend’, but the PR world should be ready for a seriously increased focus on businesses sustainability.

Yes, that thing that we all have good intentions to incorporate into our everyday lives but haven’t quite got the hang of it yet. Get ready for it to be plastered everywhere, from fast fashion banning to furniture flipping...the era of the conscious consumer is coming.


I think the use of data and insights in PR will increase further in 2023. I think this is a great thing. For too long, people have sat in brainstorms in fancy offices, stroking their chins and debating amongst themselves about what they think would make a good idea, a good headline or a good picture. Forward-thinking PR agencies and organisations now base their campaigns more on insights than instincts. Don’t get me wrong – there’s a list of ideas in my head that I’ve wanted to do for years and have never had the chance to, but just because I think it’s a good idea, doesn’t mean it would resonate with an audience.

I think people in PR who embrace data will create more successful campaigns. You’d be surprised what happens when you give an audience what they want, in the place they want it! I should clarify though – I think basing a campaign entirely on data isn’t the way forward either. A mix of both is good. If you need evidence of a purely stats-based approach to something, Google ‘Arsenal signings Stat DNA’ and you’ll get a list of players signed on the basis of their numbers who were absolutely terrible for the club. Sometimes you need to go with your gut too…


PR trend to take off in 2023 is random collaborations. We’ve already seen a few hints of this with Greggs and Primark, but I think as we move into 2023 there will be more of these unexpected brand hookups. Partnering with another brand, especially something that’s unexpected, drives lots of media attention, potentially brings a different consumer to your brand and also potentially offers a new revenue stream.


High quality content is going to be crucial in 2023. With news desk workforces shrinking and journalists under increased pressure to deliver both print and online content as journalistic expectations evolve, PR agencies that are providing their media contacts with well written content with strong storytelling will come out on top. PRs and journalists rely on their relationships with one another, so to build these, PRs will need to make life easier for their friends on the publication front line.

As my colleagues have said, I also think that PR campaigns will have to be socially conscious and authentic. Greenwashing, fake news, and exaggerating the truth aren’t going to fly with the consumer anymore (and rightly so). What we do for our clients in 2023 will need to be watertight and well thought out to create a truly meaningful impact.

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