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Create a buzz in Ireland

Deliveroo Restaurant Awards Independent Restaurantof The Year2024 YEEROS DUBLIN 9

2023 - present

Brief – to raise Deliveroo’s profile in Ireland.

In mid-2023, we were appointed by Deliveroo to represent the brand in Ireland. Our first campaign was scheduled for Q4 2023, aimed at raising the profile of Deliveroo’s partnership with FoodCloud.

Deliveroo and FoodCloud partnered as part of Deliveroo’s Full Life campaign, a corporate programme aimed at supporting communities where Deliveroo riders operate. The campaign saw Deliveroo customers donate more than 300,000 meals to communities across Ireland.

We were tasked with creating a press office campaign aimed at generating awareness in trade media for the corporate programme. Our task was also to generate consumer press coverage for the FoodCloud partnership.

Following the success of our first campaign with Deliveroo, we were asked to generate a buzz about Deliveroo’s Restaurant Awards in Ireland and Northern Ireland in early 2024.

Dublin-based Yeeros beat businesses from all over the UK and Ireland to take home Deliveroo’s prestigious Independent Restaurant of the Year Award. In response, we profiled the win nationally and regionally alongside the stories of other winning businesses in Dublin, Cork and Belfast.

The campaigns brought in dozens of pieces of media coverage and made us want to order a Wing It immediately.

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