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Bringing oat milk to Ireland!

OOH 2023 DUB 110

2022 - present

Brief: help Oatly, the world's original and largest oat drink company, launch in Ireland.

In late 2022, we started working with the brilliant team at Oatly on a top secret launch campaign. The world-famous brand was planning its first ever marketing campaign in Ireland in early 2023, and we were selected to help make a splash about it in the media and on social channels.

We created a number of launch campaigns to support the PR and marketing teams at Oatly. This included research on Ireland's attitude to plant-based products, broadcast interviews with a legendary influencer, giving away 15,000 oat-powered coffees across Dublin, social media influencer content and really cool gift boxes for social influencers and media.

We helped the Oatly PR team secure national, regional, online and broadcast coverage during the four week launch campaign. If you live or work in Dublin or Cork, there's a fair chance you saw some of the creative from the campaign. Especially if you ride the Luas!

Working with the Oatly team is one of the highlights of Clearbox's first 10 years in business and we're super excited to continue working with Oatly during the rest of 2023. Some big things are coming, oat fans...

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