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Morelli's Ice Cream

Celebrating ice cream heritage

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2016 - present

Brief: build the presence of Ireland's oldest ice cream brand among younger audiences.

Morelli’s Ice Cream is Ireland’s oldest ice cream producer, selling its award-winning ice cream in Ireland and the UK for decades. Clearbox has worked with the team at Morelli’s Ice Cream since 2016 on PR and social media campaigns in Northern Ireland and Ireland.

In the early days of our work with Morelli’s Ice Cream, Clearbox’s brief was to generate positive press coverage for the brand. We did this through profiling staff at the family business, while also capitalising on trends and news events. We’ve created mosaics of golfers and footballers from sprinkles and toppings and sent loads of ice cream to news desks when Angelina and Brad broke up.

Today, our brief has evolved to have a focus on social media. In 2023, Clearbox took over the summer seasonal management of Morelli’s social media channels with a specific mission to grow the brand’s engagement on TikTok and Instagram. We’ve also worked on some amazing brand collaborations, including a successful partnership with Hartley’s jam and jelly.

Our work with Morelli’s Ice Cream today sees the Clearbox team travel to the home of Morelli’s Ice Cream on Northern Ireland’s north coast regularly to create social media content for these channels. Since we started managing Morelli’s social channels, engagements and impressions have gone through the roof and the client has noticed an increase in the number of younger customers visiting the store.

As with all Clearbox clients, our work with Morelli’s Ice Cream is based on research and instinct. We find out what the brand’s target audiences like and want to see, and we use our skills and instinct to create content that will engage them.

Our work with Morelli’s Ice Cream over the years has seen us win awards and land press coverage in some of the biggest media platforms in the world, including CNBC in the US.

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